SHIP - Senior Health Insurance Program

Page last updated: 2017-12-21 14:56:23

Questions About Medicare?

The State of Illinois sponsors the Senior Health Insurance Program which seeks to assist seniors with tricky insurance questions.  PTSCC serves as a host SHIP site.  Call today to schedule your appointment.  SHIP Volunteers are ready to help you with your health insurance needs, questions, or problems.

Counselors are available to assist individuals with questions or problems regarding Medicare A and B, Medicare Supplement Policies, Medicaid, Presecription Drug Plans, Medicare Advantage plans, eligibility for entitlement programs, appeals and grievances, and more!  If you have a question about health insurance, we can help!!  Also, if you are turning 65 and have questions about what to do, SHIP counselors can help.


For an appointment, please call Social Services at 847-991-1112 to schedule your appointment.